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Rivendell Hatchery is a South African company started in 1993, which specialises in warm-water aquaculture, aquaculture-training and fish-farm design. The company is owned by Nicholas James and the hatchery situated on the farm Rivendell, near Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Rivendell Hatchery is an example of tried and tested technology: it is a compromise between the dictates of theory- as taught in the academic corridors of universities and colleges- and practice, 17 years of trying and testing those theories, using private self-generated funding, not donated funds or university grants. This journey has led us to realise the huge gaps between theory and practice, between what works in reality as opposed to the ideals of theory.

During this journey we have raised thousands of fish of many species, especially cichlids for aquariums, fish-farming and stocking. We would be happy to both sell you some of these fish, as well as to advise you on how to rear and, in many cases, breed them.

We receive numerous requests for fish farming advice, and we can offer either brief or detailed training in all aspects of fresh-water aquaculture, wherever you are in Africa. If you would like a visit to your site, to discuss possibilities, this can be done no matter where you are in Africa...we can even help you in French if that is your home language!

If you are interested in fish, you are welcome to contact us, especially on the subject of Ornamental Fish, fish for farm stocking and Aquaculture, and  aquaculture training. We hope that you enjoy paging through our site.

Nicholas PE James BA (Hons) (Geography) (Rhod.), MSc (Ichthyology) (Rhodes), Grad.C.E. (educ) (Rhod).

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